About Lianmao

Shanghai Lianmao Material Co., Ltd., established in 1998 based in national economic center Shanghai, is an integrated professional enterprise engaged in system R & D (optimization), system complete set, materials, and foreign trade.

 Corporate culture

The company firmly believes that "technology is the top force to drive production." We will focus on R & D and production, and change the future of the industry and promote the development process with high-tech innovative products.

Business introduction

The business of the company involves two sections, namely, R&D and complete set, and material trade


In the future, the company will expand its business scope, spreading to the whole country from Shanghai and setting up branches or offices in major cities "Problem" solutions and optimization will be focused to customize products for excellence.

Development History and Industry News


In 1998, Mr. Wang Zeyu formally established Shanghai Lianmao Materials Co., Ltd. in Baoshan District with a sole proprietorship and a registered capital of 10 million yuan.


In the third year of its establishment in 2001, under the influence of the general environment, the company entered a rapid period of vigorous development from a difficult start-up period. This year, with China's accession to the World Trade Organization and the opening of foreign markets to China, the company also had an opportunity to open up overseas markets.


In 2005, the company readjusted its business direction and took foreign trade as its main direction of progress, aiming to become a bridge between domestic customers and foreign suppliers. In the same year, the company also officially entered the European market, sending many employees to Europe for on-the-spot investigation, discussing cooperation with foreign clients and establishing stable and long-term cooperative relations.


In 2015, the company has experienced more than ten years of ups and downs, and has a mature management model and stable customer base. After years of hard work, the company has also established direct Purchasing channels with several European Union countries. However, with the impact of global economic integration and the Internet, the prospect of materials and foreign trade is not optimistic. At this time, the company is also developing Bottleneck period, facing fierce market competition, the company decided to transform.


In 2016, the company decided to take research and development as the direction of transformation and began to set up an independent research and development team. With heavy investment, the research and development team has begun to take shape.


2019 the R&D project is already on the right track. Next, the company will launch brand-new high-tech products in the near future, focusing on R&D, production and sales to realize transformation planning one by one.